Basin & Range Birding Trail
Sage Grouse

Welcome to the Southern Oregon Basin & Range Birding Trail

... a winding auto route that highlights specific sites for stopping and viewing birds among vast inland valleys, alkali flats, ethereal marshes, and forested slopes--all set against the dramatic, breathtaking backdrop of geologic features such as Fort Rock, Abert Rim, Hart Mountain, and the Warner Range.

Canadian Geese

The Basin and Range Ecoregion is one of the most remote places in 'The Lower 48.' It's a wild landscape where wetland basins, sagebrush uplands, and mountain ranges converge, creating diverse habitats for hundreds of bird species--from songbirds and shore birds, to waterfowl and raptors.

Bird Calls
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OREGON: Mountain to Mountain High Desert Wildlife

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Sheldon-Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuges

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Basin Range Birding Trail

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